November 29, 2018
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm


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CIDN Perth - XMAS Gratitude Drinks

There is often no better way to show gratitude for the extra effort spent to get the job done or to show grace when asking someone to rework your mistake than by offering the universal gift of thanks; "I owe you a beer mate". Some might even say a successful year can be measured by the number of beers owed.... either way!

Join our network of professionals, service providers and contractors to celebrate the events of the year and discuss the opportunities that lie ahead in 2019.

Ticket price includes canapes and your first drink at The Shoe on Yagans private room. Tickets strictly limited!

We searched for some great "I owe you a beer mate" moments and strangely only found Shark attack surfing stories local to WA.... “When it happened, I was like, “Just do what Mick did, just punch it in the nose”,” he said to Nine’s Today Show. “If you are watching or listening, Mick, I owe you a beer. Thank you very much.”

From our experience the moments in the construction industry that lead to an "I owe you a carton mate" are not quite as dramatic however the end result is the same... A life saver!

Be that person who delivers on their offering of thanks and finish the year reminiscing on those events that lead to this moment!



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Jeffrey Gitomer

The Fundamental rules of Networking

  1. Show up early, ready to move, full of cards.
  2. If you attend a business event with a friend or associate, split up. It's a waste of time to walk, talk, or sit together.
  3. Walk the crowd once. Get familiar with the people and the room.
  4. Shake firmly... no one wants to shake hands with a dead fish.
  5. Keep your commercial to 15 seconds OR LESS.
  6. Have your 15–second commercial down pat.
  7. Be happy, enthusiastic, and positive. Don't be grumbling or lamenting your "tough day." People want to do business with a winner, not a whiner.
  8. Don't waste time if the person isn't a good prospect.
  9. Don't butt–in. Interrupting can create a bad first impression. Stand close by, and when a pause or opening appears... jump in.
  10. Eat early. It's hard to eat and mingle. Get your fill when you first arrive so you are free to shake hands, talk without spitting food, and work the crowd effectively.
  11. Don't drink. If everyone else is a bit loose, you'll have the distinct advantage by being sober (Have a few beers after the event to celebrate all your contacts).
  12. Stay until the end. The longer you stay the more contacts you'll make.

If you say "I go to networking events, but I don't get many prospects," it means you're not following the fundamentals, OR you're not networking where your prime prospects might be.

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