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Digital Hitmen

What We Do

Digital Hitmen is an SEO & web development agency in Perth, WA. We create websites and execute SEO campaigns which cause incredible user experience, greater brand awareness and more hot leads/sales for your organisation resulting in huge long term ROI. Our powerhouse team of SEO experts can make your online business goals possible. We strive more than just to give you a beautiful website. Our goal is to give you a website that tirelessly works as a Lead Generating Magnet every minute of every day for your business.

Our methods are not a so-called quick fix. We firmly believe solid foundations, hard work, tested methods and consistency is the only path to long term success for our clients. We also do not try and offer every discipline in Digital Marketing & take pride in being known for being the best at one.

Our Clients & Results

Month on month we are round to have countless SEO results which have had a profound positive impact on the size and growth of businesses across Australia. We strongly believe a long term SEO approach is the best way to create success and stability within a business of any size. It will safeguard the business against market changes and ensures the business owner gains access to potential customers before their competitors do.

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Our SEO Strategy Session with Digital Hitmen

If you have been presented a “digital marketing audit” before or a “strategy session”; we understand the terminology may seem a little cliche and sales orientated. The truth is Most Are…

If you believe your website is performing poorly relative to the size & nature of your business; it probably is…

In our session, we tackle all the critical aspects that will help your website and we make sure that no matter what you have takeaways you can implement on your own.

We tailor each session on your business and its requirements to come up with the following:

  • A Thorough SEO Audit
  • An Analysis of Your Direct Competitors
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Your SEO Blueprint for 2021
  • Tried and Tested Tools for Search Engine Optimisation

Each session is packed with detailed information that will let you unlock the secrets to your business for online success. Our SEO experts will show you exactly why you’re behind your competitors and what your next steps should be to dominate Google search.

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