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Studio McUtchen

About Us

Studio McUtchen is a multi-disciplined design practice founded by Solmaz McUtchen. Solmaz is a creative director and interior designer with a passion for interior design, most especially furniture design. We showcase this passion and dedication through our blogs, research articles, and other pieces of authentic content.

Studio McUtchen is located in Claremont, WA, but we work with small businesses in and around the state, as well as global brands. We have worked with different furniture businesses, including furniture makers, manufacturers, artists, magazines, and artisans. We provide a wide variety of interior design and furniture-related services, including interior design consultations, styling, writing for furniture blogs, and other content creation services. We also offer artist and artwork recommendations, as well as business promotions.

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At Studio McUtchen, we love to write about our passion, which – you’ve guessed it! – furniture. Solmaz McUtchen regularly produces blog posts about interior design, particularly furniture, including pieces from our favourite designers. Do you want to know what’s new in the furniture scene? How about our most recent obsessions in interior design? We also share our insights, recommendations, and just about anything that showcases our love for furniture. Dive in and read our popular blog posts or explore some more to find what you’re looking for.

Studio McUtchen

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Studio McUtchen

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Studio McUtchen

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Get to Know Me

Are you curious about Studio McUtchen? How about our founder, Solmaz McUtchen? As our small business gets a little bigger, many of our followers on social media platforms, especially Instagram, want to know more about us.

Our Story

Solmaz McUtchen shares the beautiful story of how Studio McUtchen started.

My love for design and furniture began at the beginning of my career. I remember it like yesterday and comparing it to now, I can say how much that feeling has grown over the years! I took on different roles, from being a project manager to a designer. Through the 15 years of my career, I have always had my family with me, supporting me all the way.

My family, without a doubt, is my greatest inspiration and motivation to do what I can and to do what is best. Because of my husband and kids, I chose a wonderful path in my career. The transition is not only memorable for me but also incredibly mesmerising. It opened my eyes to new creative ways that I never knew existed within me before.

After giving birth to my third child, I started placing my focus on fashion and furniture, especially with my collaborative projects. It was fascinating to observe how styles, colours, shapes, and forms can all work together with the subject in the frame. That’s when I started incorporating these aspects with what I was wearing, furniture pieces, and other background elements.

Over the past few years, my love for design and furniture has greatly amplified and evolved. I use my knowledge, experience, and most of all, my passion for creating unique offerings for my clients. That way, their products stand out from the crowd whenever I provide marketing and promotion services.

That’s what makes Studio McUtchen different!