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About Zinfinity Projects

Zinfinity Projects is a building and project management company, offering a wide variety of services from commercial refurbishments to organisational culture and change management consultancy. We place great focus on our clients. Each building project has a comprehensive plan that we strive to stick to, but the most important is for us to deliver the project the way the client wants it to be.
We currently provide the following services:

  • Office Fitouts
  • Refurbishments and/or Fitouts for Commercial Buildings
  • Workplace Culture and Change Management
  • Make Good Services for Offices and Commercial Properties
  • Commercial Maintenance
  • Other Minor Building Jobs

Building projects require alterations from time to time, making project management the key to stabilising the entire procedure. We use our experience and skills to navigate through each project. Our knowledge of construction allows us to explore different areas of the construction industry. We do our utmost best, so we do not only achieve the client’s expectations but exceed them.

That’s why our motto is, “Get in, get it done, and do it right.”

Better Work Place Goals

Aside from project management, Zinfinity Projects can also help businesses create a better strategy within the workplace. Culture surrounds us at all times. In the workplace, culture is represented by the values, attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs shared by the people in the working space. We understand that leadership and organisational directions heavily influence workplace culture. With the right guidance, teamwork is improved, morale is boosted, and productivity and efficiency are increased. This is where our culture and change management consultancy services come in.

Zinfinity Projects gallery
Zinfinity Projects gallery
Zinfinity Projects gallery

We have worked with some of the prominent names in the business and corporate world. A few of our most notable projects include:

  • Office and warehouse refurbishment for Uber Australia where our team converted an idle warehouse into the company’s drivers’ hub and inspection centre
  • Refurbishment and upgrade of the Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science’s amenities and kitchen area
  • Upgrade for Murdoch University’s chiropractic clinic and counselling and reception rooms for a livelier work environment
  • Complete fit-out and refurbishment to turn Murdoch University’s kitchen and office into a more dynamic workspace

Our Passion

Our passion lies in helping our clients develop a business strategy that can motivate a change in human behaviour and the organisation as a whole. We take pride in our keen attention to detail, which enables us to handle and manage every single aspect of the project. At Zinfinity Projects, no job is too big or too small, and no strategy is ever complicated to form and execute.